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Maverick Financial Literacy Inc.

...where literacy meets wellness.



Financial Literacy and Wellness

Taking it to the Next Level

Financial Literacy - 5 - 10 years old.

  • Earning for the future

  • Budgeting Basics

  • Saving with a smile

Financial Literacy - 11 to 17 years old.

  • Budgeting

  • Saving and Investing

  • Smart Spending Habits

  • Understanding Loans

Financial Literacy - 18 years old and above.

  • Understanding Credit

  • Managing Money Online

  • Financial Planning for the Future

  • Building a Financially Responsible Life

  • Understanding Loans and loan repayment

.... and many others.



Maverick Financial Literacy Inc.

At Maverick Financial Literacy Inc. we have strong passion to helps individuals gain a better understanding of their personal finance, including budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt. By promoting financial literacy, we equip community members with the tools to improve their financial well-being, make sound financial choices, and build a more secure future. Financially literate individuals are better positioned to manage their finances effectively, avoid financial pitfalls, and contribute to the overall economic stability of their communities and the nation at large.


By promoting financial education and literacy, we contribute to the economic growth and stability of the nation. We help individuals develop the skills necessary for financial independence, reduce the burden of debt, and plan for retirement effectively. At Maverick Financial Literacy Inc. we understand that financially literate citizens are more likely to make responsible financial decisions, contribute to economic growth through savings and investment, and reduce the strain on public resources such as social welfare programs.


By providing access to financial education and resources, we empower marginalized communities and individuals who may have limited access to financial services. This, in turn, promotes economic equity and fosters a more inclusive and resilient society. By equipping individuals with financial knowledge and skills, we pave the way for a brighter financial future for both individuals and the broader society.

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Individual Presentation/Program - Free

  • Includes a 45-minute presentation.

  • A brochure on financial literacy

  • Follow-up meeting and progress check

  • Guidance on how to become a facilitator (Train the trainer).

Our specialized programs are offered to individuals of different age groups from 3 years old to adulthood with topics like earning for the future, budgeting basics, saving with a smile, smart spending habits, understanding loans, managing money online, the rudiments of investing, digital currencies and many more programs.




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6545 Market Ave. North,

STE 100, 

North Canton, OH

44721, USA

Toledo Office:

3778 Hill Avenue,

Toledo, Ohio

43607, USA


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Donate to Financial Literacy Projects by M.F.L.I.

We organize several Financial Literacy Projects in our communities and we need your help to scale up and reach more people as we go out to inform the populace on financial literacy and wellness.


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